The Between the Breath Technique that Heals Panic Attacks

The Between the Breathe technique that heals Panic AttacksWhen we breathe- inhalation brings in oxygen which is vital to body (every cell) and while exhaling the end product of metabolism as carbon dioxide is thrown out of the body. Now try to understand the sound known as Naad which cannot be heard until one is quite, stable and at peace with self. So while breathing in the oxygen the energy works its way within to rejuvenate the body and mind. And while breathing out the energy works its way out to detoxify these two.

At this level one should understand the importance of a period between inhalation and exhalation, in this period the most important process of transmission is taking place at cellular level and also at energy level. In lungs at the alveolar level where alveoli and the capillaries are in conjunction, here oxygen is transmitted from alveoli to blood and carbon dioxide is transmitted from capillaries to alveoli.

At this juncture, the period between the inhalation and expiration is not actually holding of breath forcefully but to realize the process of breath holding easily. This period may vary according to individuals physical and mental capacity. So do not compare the time period of breath holding with others, it very individualistic. With practice and ease this time duration and stamina increases on its own. So just do it regularly and playfully.

sure technique that heals Panic Attacks…

Scientific benefits of this between the breathe technique are:

  1. Relaxation of muscles and cartilages, discharge of accumulated lactic acid to blood and thus thrown out through excretory systems. Thus detoxification occurs at deeper and greater level.
  2. Since the basal metabolic rate of the body is low during this process, there is a decrease in demand of oxygen and glucose by the cells, in other words cells can function with lesser fuel and better capacity.
  3. Anabolism takes place with greater perfection.
  4. There is decreased resistance to endocrine secretions by the cells. E.g. insulin resistance process is less, body responds to insulin secreted by the pancreas in a better way.

By this technique one may eventually get rid of panic and anxiety. An easy practice to do and rendering the desired result of driving away the panic is what we can say about this technique. Practice it sincerely and feel the results.

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