Acupressure to Heal Panic Attacks

Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest surviving systems of medicine in the world. Out of the bosom of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) we are gifted with its best of the healing technique known as acupressure.

panic attacks

With acupressure we can heal many ailments of mankind. Here we find acupressure also useful in healing your panic and anxiety form its roots. Traditionally acupressure is a method to press and release the only indicated points on the body surface. It is based on the belief that our body and mind has got an operational force for what they call Qi-Gong, or the vital force. Any imbalance in the vital force of the body results in disease or disposition towards disease. When we can establish this balance we are able to enjoy interrupted state of health. For these reason TCM prescribes the method of acupressure. In the same regards, that is to establish balance in your mind and let the anxiety and panic run away TCM lays some basic acupressure points.

These acupressure points bring about the needed energy balance which in turn balances the mind and drives away the fear and panic. Following points on the body are to be pressed and released in order to get rid of panic attack:

  • The first point is the point in between the thumb and the index finger of the hand. Exactly on the mid of the muscle connecting these two fingers.
  • Second point is at the crease of the arm at the elbow when you fold your arm. This is the most important point and called as the homeostatic point.
  • Third point is on the vertex on the head. A gentle tab can also make a gross difference here.

These three points are needed to restore the homeostatic conditions in the body and regain the state of balance in the mind. This when practiced regularly ensures better and sustained results. You can practice this even when you are not in the state of panic or fear and anxiety. Thus when practiced in between the interval of two panic attacks, it decreases the possibility of the future panic attacks. Acupressure is an indispensable tool in restoring the health and mental balance to enjoy a healthy state of mind and body. With these points mentioned above you can lead a happy anxiety free, panic free life ahead.

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