60 Seconds and the Panic is Gone

Is it so? Can it really happen? What are those sixty seconds like?

Withdraw your senses from the situation

Let me tell you, our mind is a complex platform which is ever changing. Nothing in mind is static. It comes and it goes. At one point of time it was here and now it is somewhere else, now it was thinking of this and then came a thought of other thing. This is the state of mind, wandering and changing all the time. What is the point then? The interesting point here is any emotion in our mind remains not more than a time span of ten to twenty seconds! Yes, and this is the only life of any emotion arousing in our mind. Let it be happiness, joy, sadness or for that matter fear and anxiety.

The longevity of any emotion that we feel every time is because we make the emotion sustain for longer duration by brooding on it. We think and think over and again on the same emotion and we feel the same thing again and again. For example if you get fear or panic attack, ideally it will sustain for 10 to 20 seconds, but we are entangled to think on same fearful grounds again and again and thus we deliberately sustain the panic in our mind.

Alas! Let the fear pass by, and watch it passing as if you are the spectator! This is possible and you just have to follow the guidelines given below, it will just take 60 seconds of yours and you will pass the panic attack:

  1. When you feel the emotion let it come, wait for its natural course to conclude which is of 10 to 20 seconds approximately.
  2. Withdraw your senses from the situation e.g. if the fear is visual close your eyes, if auditory try and avoid the sound etc.
  3. After that think of a beautiful memory that you can dwell upon for a long time and start thinking of it for next half a minute at least.
  4. Once you enter the realm of blissful feeling you will see that you have already by passed the panic attack and you have started feeling good.

This is a 60 seconds exercise and anyone who can practice this exercise can gain control over his/her panic attacks and anxiety. Remember constant practice yields good results, hence practice it sincerely and ardently to drive away your panic.

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