Shade off the Anxiety of Speaking in Public

Very often we find people lacking stage courage and ability to speak in public. Even people engaged in activities of public interest and mass communication develop something called as anticipatory anxiety and may even complain of panic attacks when confronted to public speaking.

Individuals showing anxiety in speaking in public, going to operas, attending functions, mass gatherings and parties show some common symptoms these are:public speaking

  1. Apprehension


  1. Fidgety and trembling


  1. Nervousness


  1. Desire to go for evacuating bowel or bladder


  1. Sweating and want of confidence

In this scenario one becomes helpless and hopeless as well. The remedy is to get trained in the art of public speaking. Never mind you have a problem like this. It is perfectly ok and can be treated as well by a judicious employment of training.

Firstly get hold of the centricity of the problem. What actually is bothering you? Is it the fear of facing people of lack of confidence or insufficiency in the subject knowledge or a pre occupied notion of mass gatherings? What is it exactly? Once you identify this problem, half the work is done.

Further, work on the problem and uproot the cause completely. This shall lessen the burden of anxiety and panic attacks shall subside. Here are some advices, for ones having fear of facing people he/she must practice visiting different people and talking to them individually. This shall improve the interpersonal intelligence and will help to acquire the knowledge of psychology of people. The individual having lack of confidence should practice speaking to yourself in front of a mirror this is a mock drill to understand his/her personality completely. It in turn increases the intrapersonal intelligence of the individual. The next step is to start speaking to small gathering of two or three people initially. This builds up the confidence and a strong self esteem is developed. An individual facing the dearth of knowledge in his particular subject of mass speaking is advised to plunge into the depths of knowledge. Acquire abundant knowledge so as to reproduce it in front of people you are addressing. This shall equip you and redeem you as an expert in that area.


Some other preocCure Anxiety Fastcupied notions of mass and gatherings can be dealt with conditioning exercises like knowing people, habitual visits to churches, operas or movies per say. A sincere and deliberate effort when put in will make a fabulous public speaker. Anxiety and panic attacks shall remain a distant past from where you have traveled miles together. Public speaking is an art let it flow; any anxiety and fear only make it imperfect.

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