Fight Flight Freeze

Human body responds to any type of fear trivial or intense in three ways- Fight, Flight or Freeze. These three are the classical responses to fear in a way demonstrating the call for action against fear. When you encounter an object, person or situation which trigger fear emotion in your mind you either tend to respond to it by fighting the fear or making an escape from the plot that is the flight response and the third reaction is freezing at that point of time i.e. a standstill or status quo reaction, where you do not respond to the fear stimuli.

Fight Flight Freeze

In the first type of response people are afraid and panicky but they take hold of the situation and try to annihilate the fear by fighting back. Usually anger and anguish come as the emotional responses and the only purpose of this fight is to protect oneself against the fear. This way the panic is subdued and one may enjoy good control over the challenges he/she may face in the life.

The second response is that of the flight. Classically this is escapism, but at times proves an appropriate response to fear. Fear as an external stimulus makes an impression on the mind of the individual, finding the proportion of the fear unmanageable, the individual tries to pull back from the situation and fly away. This is avoidance method but proves effective in people who cannot bear a lot of stress. Flight response can also take you away from the situation and make you feel good and away from panic and anxiety.

The third and the last response is that of freezing at the onset of the fear. Most people take fear or panic as a shock and they lose their ability to respond to the stimuli for some period. This is called as the freezing response. With fear taking hold of the constitution of the individual, he/she does not take any initiative to react and thus freezes to react. This is a poor and harmful reaction to fear. It may take the toll of your health and may even make you weak mentally and physically.

All in all, these are the three main response patterns observed when and individual succumbs to fear or panic or anxiety.


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