Spiritual Virtues for the rescue from Panic and Anxiety

Spiritual Virtues for the rescue from panic and anxietyUsually mental stress, anxiety and worries make the person prone to panic attacks. Also physical stress subsequently leads to exhaustion thereby collecting toxins in the body and then affecting the mind to become weak and prone for panic attack.

At first one must understand that body and mind are two halves of the same circle and they compliment and complete each other. We also find that their interlinking is very obvious in so many MODS (Multi organ disorder/dysfunction syndromes) e.g. diabetes, hypertension, obesity etc. There are truly life style derangement syndromes and same applies to panic attack as well.

If body and mind are two halves of the circle then the energy known as Soul or Prana is its center or the nucleus. This is not merely an assumption or a theory but very subjective experience experienced by numerous individuals in past and present of enlightened intellect. In some parts of the world they are called the saints, some messengers of the god and some as rishis.

Getting rid of panic attacks….

Here I request my dear reader to understand what I am trying to tell you, and experience it with yourself and then and then only believe it. Because here I am discussing the ultimate truth which is transcendental to senses and can be experienced with the blessings of spiritual master alone. Once you are able to hold on to the Truth your progress in terms of getting rid of such trivial challenges like anxiety and panic shall wane off easily.

To start with here are these five basic virtues you need to start following:

  1. Faith in oneself and in the Ultimate Truth
  2. Patience to endure and sustain on the path of Truth
  3. Purity of mind and body
  4. Thought which is in adherence to the Ultimate Truth
  5. Contemplation on that one which we know is Ultimate Truth

Here I would like to emphasize on the concept of Ultimate Truth. By this I mean the one true self residing in you. The Soul, the Knower of all things. Once you have successfully practices these virtues search for a spiritual master who can guide you on this. Believe me panic and anxiety are but the vices you need to clean from your personality. And while practicing these virtues you can be assured of living a healthy and balanced life without anxiety and panic.

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    I wanna say that this really is invaluable, Thanks for taking your time to write this.

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