Faith is the Healer of Anxiety

Anxiety and panic attacks unlike motivation and inspiration subdue faith. Let me share with you here, every aspect of mans existence is at stake with faith been destroyed, what to talk of panic attack then? There is this completeness occurring in the constitution of an individual with faith taking its righteous place. Faith is destroyed with fear. When you fear something faith ends. Thus there is increase in fear leading to apprehension and then culminating into panic attack.

Faith is the healer of anxietyMind you, it may occur otherwise as well. Faith can gain hold of fear and make it leave your mind completely. Only faith has the capacity to resolve the conflict of fear and fearlessness. In the long run faith stands to be great healer of anxiety and panic attacks.

Faith also has a social role to play in the constitution of humans. With faith prevailing in human nature the assurance of growth and development is strengthened, thereby reducing the competitive nature and establishing a state of win-win situation among the people. Thus leaving no room for fear and insecurity to prevail and grow. With faith comes security and with security vanishes away fear and doubt in mind. Every man must trust and trust from the core of his heart. Faith and trust has the power of hope to their assistance. You must have faith of recovery if you are suffering from panic attacks and anxiety. A strong help is at your dispense if only you trust the help. With trust grows confidence and a self sustaining belief that you are healing.

What does faith do to us:

Faith is the healer of anxiety

  1. It enables us to strengthen our confidence
  2. Makes us forgive people and situations
  3. Builds security around us
  4. Develops environment favoring growth
  5. Drive away fear, doubts and misbeliefs
  6. Shuns anxiety and panic completely

Faith as savior of one’s conscience and beliefs ensures an all round growth and success. While dealing with people, objects and situations around us faith heals our anxiety and worries thus protecting us from panic attack. Have faith in yourself and you shall see you are safe and healthy.

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