Face the Panic

What glory comes to a coward, for he shuns the pride to battle the evil? Man can only rise to self respect and dignity if he faces the brutes. Likewise is the case of panic, face off the situation and let it know that you have turned bold!

Face the Panic

Panic and anxiety are descendants of fear. And fear is a long remembered enemy of the bold man. With you facing the fear it vanishes, and this is just not the philosophical overstatement but a demonstrated fact by psychologist in recent years. What the experts call as behavior therapy and especially the modeling procedures and the systematic desensitization techniques are non but the gradually process of making you face the things, the situations and persons without any phobias.

Let me tell you a story here, there was this monk who after done with his early morning ablutions was walking away from the river. Some group of monkeys started chasing the monk. Having notices this he paced forwards, so did the apes. He got panicked and started to run, so followed the monkeys. Soon when about to resign to the fear of the monkeys chasing and horrifying, he heard a voice of old monk watching the drama, saying, Oh, brave man, why run? Face the brutes. And the monk hearing these words gathered some courage and turned towards the monkeys. For the surprise of the monk, the monkeys ran away with this gesture.

Our fears are like the monkeys, gather the courage to face them and believe me they vanish the next moment. Such is the strength in courage and bravery. If you can face the anxiety, the panic, the fear with such courage, you will find their existence been shattered down to pieces and they shall never trouble you again. One good way to develop such kind of courage is building self respect and dignity at first. Then comes a kind of self confidence and a will to sustain and succeed. Failure comes in the beginning, do not worry practice daily, one day you shall find yourself full of zeal and motivation. And a courage to drive away the panic in its whole! Face the Panic

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