Does Panic Attack Kill You!

Every person suffering from panic attack has a question in his mind- Does panic attack kill you? And the answer is no!

panic attacks

Not very surprisingly this query may arise in many sufferers of panic attack. This is because you may well find that symptoms those arising out of panic attack correspond to or mimic heart attack. The increased heart rate, hyperventilation and fainting most often make us think of emergency situation and obliviously a heart attack. But the case is not so, panic attack may last for few minutes to few hours. And eventually it subsides even if the treatment is not delivered only making the person suffer more. Never the less panic attack when managed carefully and proper care been given the individuals respond very well.

There is a state where the panic has its own preponderance of symptoms and the person suffering from it is under the influence of fear and intense anxiety. Do not worry; keep yourself as stable as you can because you are not going to die. This is a false depiction of a cardiac failure or a heart attack. With every step of calmness and stable mind you restore your balance. Assure and reassure yourself that you are not going to die. It you believe in your own self, be affirmed that that these symptoms are but the mimicry of the heart attack and no impending doom has occurred to you out of this.

Meanwhile it is a herculean task to withstand the attack of panic. With weary mind and weary body you endure enormous stress. The real challenge is to maintain composure in between two successive panic attacks. You are scared of the next one, what will happen? Does it take the toll of life? Fear not again! Gather the guts to sustain the trouble. What will happen is just a state of mind and with proper care and help you can always overcome that tragedy.

At the least you must seek a professional help for your entire constitution of mind and body to resolve its healthy state. Here you can meet a counselor or a doctor. Find the right person and right tool. Do not give up, because you are not going to die- and remember life is precious gift!

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