Anxiety can Make you Weak and Vulnerable

“Strength is life weakness is death”, so said Swami Vivekananda.

Life is all but manifestation of strength to live. Every time we find that a weak person falls prey to lot of things, gets vulnerable to diseases and eventually die out of misery. Such is the case of a weak individual.

Anxiety can make you weak and vulnerable

Now that you have to be strong in order to live, one must understand that strength comes out of fearlessness. Fear is the predecessor of anxiety and worries. The more fearful you are the more anxious you are and weaker you grow. Enjoying the benefit of healthy life one needs to drive away the fear and anxiety. With preponderance of anxiety growing in your constitution you develop a kind of vulnerability to diseases and mental invasions.

Fear produces some neurochemicals in body that keeps body under constant stress. This stress takes away all energy from the body to maintain a state of balance. Meanwhile body weakens and its resistance fails. Immunity is at the risk of collapse and thus making a breeding ground for the microbes to feed and sustain in the body. Same is the case with the mind. As fear and anxiety advances, they leave very less room for good virtues and ideals to prosper and cherish in the field of mind. Thus external influences and people make strong impressions on the mindsets of such people. They imbibe and imprint on the canvas of this weak mind, leaving it susceptible to more fear and anxiety.

Cure anxiety and live healthy life…

This is the impact of fear and anxiety over our body. The vicious circle of fear, anxiety, weakness and susceptibility continues and we fall prey to panic attacks. Nevertheless a strong will and strength of mind makes us break this circle and enjoy good health again. With all good virtues and optimism you can strive to become a happier person like never before. Strength shall bring you happiness. We want strength in mind and strength in muscles. So arise awake and drive away the weakness of fear and anxiety to live a strong and healthy life.Cure Panic Attack

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