7 Cardinal Rules to Allay Anxiety

An anxious person loses lot of opportunities to excel and find the right path to success. This is because he/she is anxious and apprehensive. A kind of fear prevails in the mind of that person that the mind and body goes weak and the opportunities which know the door of that person leaves unheard of. Here I shall put forth in front of you seven cardinal rules to stay away from anxiety and panic.

Let us begin here:

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  1. Care Your Self: Everyday when you wake up from the sleep, rub your palms against each other gently till a kind of warmness develops in them, then with same gentleness touch your eyes with your palms. This exercise helps building a kind of self caring attitude and should be practiced daily.
  2. Respect Yourself: Understand that you are precious and important for many people around you. Your presence for them makes them happy and you should be proud of this and maintain your self esteem.
  3. Have fun: At times it is very difficult to enjoy yourself or have fun with your friends and close ones. Break the barriers, try a step ahead, with little things come happiness and that is what you require right now. Fear and anxiety does not stay in the house where happiness dwells.
  4. Have Gratitude: This is a key. Gratitude makes you lessen your burden of fear and panic. You have got great things and people around you. Express your humbleness to them. They make your life worth living. Gratitude is a tool for driving away the mammoth of unhappiness and anxiety.
  5. Learn new things: Yes, you have to be in a constant process of learning. Every time keep yourself updated with new knowledge. With new knowledge come new hope and thus the first step towards healing begins.
  6. Listen to your Heart: Heart is a place from where inspiration takes birth. Heart inspires you to live and live abundantly. In a conflict between heart and brain listen to your hearts voice. It will cure you; it has the exact remedy that you need. With inspiration and motivation the anxiety has to shun your mind.
  7. Keep your promises: This is a tricky rule. Keeping your promises is being true to yourself. By being true to yourself you can avoid pitfalls where lies the seed of anxiety and fear. Keeping your words makes you respectable and worthy. Thus you tend to be joyous rather than being anxious.

These seven rules if followed judiciously you can take control of your mind and drive away the anxious thought impromptu. Where there is no fear, no anxiety, no panic that and only that mind can progress and none other.

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