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Fight Flight Freeze

Human body responds to any type of fear trivial or intense in three ways- Fight, Flight or Freeze. These three are the classical responses to fear in a way demonstrating the call for action against fear. When you encounter an object, person or situation which trigger fear emotion in your mind you either tend to […]

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Exercise to Stay Away from Panic Attacks

With every grain of the sand of the time advancing we grow! And growth is not just the characteristic of body but also of mind. With growth comes strength and strength makes us endure the challenges of life. What problems and challenges most people face in life can be resolved not impromptu but requires good […]

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Anxiety and Panic Attacks: The Indicators

You might be wondering as to what are the indicators of panic attacks or anxiety! Are you suffering from anxiety or do often get panic attacks. How to establish the fact that, are you really anxious or panicky? Friends, most of us are undiagnosed of this trivial problem initially which turns out to be the predominant […]

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What is a Panic Attack?

Panic attack is usually a sudden onset of intense fear leading the individual in a ‘crazy’ situation. In this the person may feel as if he is suffering from a heart attack. But this is not so. It may last form few minutes to few hours depending upon the situation. Most of the panic attacks […]

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